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Accelerate Your Discoveries

Mass Innovation Labs isn't just an incubator. It accelerates your effort. It saves a significant amount of time.

When we started here, it really was just two men and a molecule. Within two weeks of opening our doors here we had equipment and permits ready to actually do work.

Ron Seidel, Co-founder of Cue Biopharma

Low Upfront Capex
Highly Cost Effective
Scalable Operations
24/7 Onsite Support
Focused on Member Growth
Existing Infrastructure
Turn-Key Operations
On-site Management
Flexible Terms
Customizable Size
On-demand Resources
Scalable Lab Space
Rapid Launch
On demand Scalability
Fast Commercialization
Responsive Maintenance
State-of-the-Art Facilities
Biology and chemistry labs with cutting edge instrumentation, supported by experts to help you accelerate your research.
Operational Excellence
Fully permitted and professionally maintained lab facilities, including waste removal, IT support and 24/7 security.
Animal Facility
World class small animal facilities operated by Charles River Labs. Holding and procedure rooms available on demand.
Conference Rooms
Many conference rooms to handle meetings and a lecture room for presentations with 100+ participants.
Our Community
Connect and network with other members of our scientific community over coffee and snacks in our common areas.
Kendall Square Location
We are in the heart of Cambridge's Kendall Square--steps away from the global biotech community.