Shared and private vivarium space available now

Building on the success of the Charles River Accelerator and Development Lab program co-developed by Mass Innovation Labs and Charles River, Mass Innovation Labs is again partnering with Charles River Labs to offer vivarium access for emerging and established biotech companies.

Mass Innovation Labs provides turnkey vivarium space in the center of Cambridge, MA. Researchers can access a top-quality vivarium space staffed by Mass Innovation Labs and Charles River personnel. Mass Innovation Labs is responsible for all infrastructure and compliance, so you can focus on accelerating your research efforts.


  • Small rodent vivarium: mice and rats
  • Private holding and procedure rooms
  • Shared holding room with access to shared procedure room
  • Holding room capacity for up to 254 cages

Lease Terms

  • Minimum six-month agreements


  • Charles River animal care technicians (AALAS-certified)
  • Veterinary and IACUC oversight teams, providing regular program reviews
  • Personnel present with advanced scheduling
  • Mass Innovation Labs management contacted for emergencies after business hours


  • 24/7 year-round access to animal holding and procedure rooms
  • Innovive irradiated IVC disposable caging
  • Vivarium supplies and preventative maintenance
  • Access to a humane euthanasia equipment
  • High-speed broadband Wi-Fi
  • Individual keycard badge access to vivarium space


  • Daily food, bedding, water, and general health checks
  • Animal enrichment
  • Cage changes every two weeks for mice and weekly for rats
  • Frequent, scheduled cleaning and sanitation
  • Vivarium orientation and training on safety and animal care and use policy
  • Access to technical experts provided by Charles River Labs
  • Technical study support available for an additional fee (e.g. dosing by standard routes of administrations, sample collection)
  • Specialized Training available for an additional fee