Flexible Lab Space Solutions that
Meet Your Research Needs

Now. And as you Grow.

Our goal is to minimize any hurdles your research team faces on its way to reaching milestones. Mass Innovation Labs provides a collaborative ecosystem that allows you to focus on scientific discovery and therapeutic commercialization.

We provide research scientists with a dynamic, on-demand laboratory ecosystem that accelerates scientific discovery and grows with you. Our unique environment of 124,000 sf of flexible laboratory and office space supports the rapid launch and growth of cutting edge biology and chemistry research initiatives.

All of our lab space solutions include:

  • Professionally managed, full-service turnkey lab operations support
  • Extensive range of shared biology and chemistry equipment and instrumentation

Scaling Suite

  • Our Scaling Suites are fully managed, large-scale lab and office spaces for up to 100 scientists and support staff in a secure, self-contained research environment.
  • Fully customized to meet your specific research needs
  • Access to house gasses (CO2 & N), RODI water, and house vacuum
  • Custom lab layout
  • Space up to 30,000 sq ft


Innovation Suite

  • Our Innovation Suites are private lab spaces that support small teams in early-stage research and product development initiatives. 
  • BSL1 & BSL2 ready suites
  • Chemistry hood optional
  • Equipped with basic lab tissue culture equipment
  • Access to co-working office spaces
  • Adjacent suites can be combined


Bench on Demand

  • The Bench On Demand option is ideal for start-up companies doing proof of concept or early stage validation R&D work with a small staff.
  • Assigned BSL1 wet-lab bench equipped with basic lab equipment
  • Includes in-lab access to shared mammalian BSL2 lab and bacterial BSL2 lab
  • Includes access to co-working office space